About Us

Meet the team that organizes the coolest event of the year! 

We stumbled upon this beautiful island while traveling ourselves and we decided we had to bring more like-minded people to see the magic of it! Being location independent entrepreneurs, we try to evolve everyday in our business and learn from the best. We were able to create this event with the help of our local partner who has more than 10 years of experience in organizing events. Our goal is to make our input in the development of the digital nomad community in Sardinia and show to many more people what this island offers! 🙂 We bet you will like it as much as we do!


Project Manager at “I Love Veterinary”, Messenger Bot Proficient

She started as a freelancer managing social media, worked her way up to become project manager. With a lot of experience in e-commerce, SEO, Email Marketing, Messenger Bot building and social media. 

She is a past student of veterinary medicine who decided to become location independent and travel around the world.

Oh, and she has the cutest dog – Barbi! 🙂




He is a person who always looks to innovate and create new ideas.
For more than 2 years he is location independent.
During his university years he did various exchange programs, traveling in the USA and Europe.
His superpower is marketing and paid advertising.
And he is also a Blue Belt of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Entrepreneur, Events Organizer

Local entrepreneur who owns more than 4 businesses. He focuses mostly in the field of tourism, restaurants and bars. Enjoys sharing his knowledge as an entrepreneur and has been a mentor to young entrepreneurs helping them start their businesses for few years. 

Organizes different kinds of events and has a lot of experience in this field as well. 


Shopify Developer, Entrepreneur

He is a Shopify Expert and front end developer. With an entrepreneurial spirit he founded his first business about Essential Oils. 

He is location independent since few years back, however he recently started traveling and working on the go and really enjoys this lifestyle. 

You can ask him anything about Shopify, Essential oils and Football 🙂

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